Mirabal Baby #1

We’re pregnant!

10/28/06 : We had our 4D ultrasound today.  It was a lot of fun and we got to see the little acrobat in action :). Click on the image below to see the entire photo shoot.  I will be making a special site over the next week or so which will be much better, but here are the pics for now.

8/16/06: Called the imaging center to see if I could have my scan done this week rather than next... and they said “Sure. Can you be here in 15 minutes?”  So... Its a... see if you can tell from picture 5 in the black and white the scans below the 4D ones

6-20-06: The doctor revised our due date to 1/16/07. Yepee!!! Fast forwarded a week in the countdown! Next ultra sound wont be for another 10 weeks <Sam is pouting> (we have to be 20 weeks along)

5-31-06: The ultrasound below dated the baby at 6 weeks, 3 days.  Our due date is estimated at 1/21/07.

If you see this give us a call... no one looks at our site anymore...    :o)


Click on the picture to go to the complete photo album from the 3D ultrasound.

6 weeks 3 days -- 5-31-0602

18 weeks 1 day (8/16/06) - Profile 2

18 weeks 1 day (8/16/06) - Profile 1

18 weeks 1 day (8/16/06)

18 weeks 1 day (8/16/06) - Gender

18 weeks 1 day (8/16/06) - Head Picture

18 weeks 1 day (8/16/06)

Don’t cheat on figuring out the gender.... once you have your guess, then pan down to see what Tracy sent us (ME) :o)

18 weeks 1 day (8/16/06) - gender

Baby's 1st Present

Baby's 1st Present

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